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The Advantages of Titanium


Did you know that titanium has only been available to the public since 1988? Before its first public appearance, titanium was classified by the military for use in things such as the SR-71 Black Bird fighter jet and Russian submarines. Not unlike the government, we see a lot of value in titanium. Today it is used in the creation of things like golf clubs and airplanes. We think titanium is the absolute best metal to use when making jewelry and here’s why:

Strength and Weight of Titanium

After all, Titanium’s name is derived from the Greek Titans. Known for their large size and great strength, the Titans were the perfect namesake. Titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metal. This means that even though it is extremely lightweight, you can expect your Titanium ring to last forever. In its natural state, Titanium is as strong as steel, but weighs less than half. In comparison, white gold and silver are easily dented when worn daily. Titanium rings are ideal for those who work outdoors or in active environments, as they will not lose their shape, break, or dent like rings made from gold or silver.


Titanium looks a lot like white gold or silver. But because of its strength, we are able to utilize titanium in a variety of different ring designs. We can alter the design of your ring to fit your personal style. They are adaptable for either men or women, and can be made formal or decorative. You are able to choose other materials to incorporate into your rings as well. From gold and silver, to deeply colored koa wood or gemstone inlays, you will be able to find a custom design that will appeal to your individual style.


Some metals are known to turn your finger green or cause allergic reactions. This is because they are mixed with other metals that don’t react well with human skin. Titanium is sometimes mixed with other metals for strength and durability but remains 100% hypoallergenic. It’s so safe for humans that it is even used in the creation of surgical implants.


Compared to gold and silver, titanium is more widely available. Because of this, we can provide it to you at a much lower price. Titanium can be found and used in its natural state without any modification or added metals (unless you want us to!).
For more information on titanium bands and rings, check out our website.


Mens Wedding Bands

Finally, a diamond ring with masculine appeal and lightweight durability that men love to wear. Hawaii Titanium Rings were the first to inlay titanium and put it on the market over 15 years ago.
We specialize in custom engagement rings and wedding bands for men and women.

Finally, a Ring a Man Will Love to Wear

The long awaited arrival of rings with a masculine appeal is here with an explosion of durable, lightweight, design. Titanium rings inlaid with wood and stone, comfortably fit mens hands and lifestyle like a glove. Design possibilities for men are infinite like they have never been before. The introduction of multiple choices featuring custom images and design creations representing passions, culture, and scenery are handmade by men, for men, with intricate skill. True, working with titanium is a tough-guy profession, even dangerous at times, yet the rings come out looking sophisticated and elegant.

Perhaps the most groundbreaking evolution in the jewelry industry in recent years, inlaid titanium rings cross demographic boundaries like no other predecessor, catching the eye of men and women of every age, background, and belief. Geographically, a world-wide response is apparent with people from every corner of the earth ordering from one company stationed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the Big Island of Hawaii. The first inlays from this company were Koa Wood, collected from fallen trees and branches from around the island, with nothing but good intentions to preserve this prized and historical Hawaiian tree. The growth began there, opening doors to the imagination in machinists who used to make turbo chargers and power boosters from the same machines.

Stone and mineral inlays now equal wood inlay ring sales and the combination has surpassed both. Birthstones, astrological stones, power stones; one person has many whether they choose to decorate their hand or to manipulate the energy in their lives. Men are especially interested in the navy blue Lapis or the forest green Malachite set next to a rich dark wood.

Diamonds are no longer reserved for the women’s ring, they are embedded and flush with the surface so the chances of losing your diamond are close to impossible. The diamonds are protected from the elements with a secret process that each company holds dear.  There are few laws regarding design copyright, only a few in the United States, forcing the pioneering companies to research and improve techniques with tight security to set themselves apart from the mass-produced replicas.

Here are some important questions to ask when purchasing quality titanium jewelry to insure the company is trustworthy and honest:

1. Where does the company get their titanium? Most companies are buying titanium “blanks” by the thousands from China. Make sure your company does not out-source.

2. Are the wood and stone inlays real? Most companies also use laminates and faux stone.

3. Does the company guarantee their work? Look for a company with a 30 day money back guarantee and lifetime refinishing policy; this will be needed in the future especially if your man works with his hands.

The embedded titanium ring industry has introduced a new frontier for men to explore on their own terms and conditions, and spouses everywhere are relieved to see their men wearing their rings with pride. Finally!

It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts- Ring Design Tips

It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts – Titanium Ring Inlays

Choosing from hundreds of titanium ring inlay ideas does not have to be  overwhelming; in fact it should be the most exciting part of your custom order.  Consider first, the occasion for which the ring is being given and take it from  there. An engagement or wedding calls for a diamond, a birthday should have a  birthstone, and every anniversary year has a traditional gem, but for an  embedded titanium ring, the inlay fun has just begun. Titanium rings are the  dawn of a new age in stone placement and have reinvented the gem cluster. The  key with titanium inlays is to choose the best inlay to compliment and showcase  your gem. Here are a few tips:

1. Consider the color of your gem when selecting your backdrop. Encompass the  stone you want to feature with a contrasting landscape. Diamonds should be  classified as white, shining brightest in the darkest settings, such as wood and  stone in warm shades of ebony, chocolate, indigo, and Bordeaux. Frame darker  gems, like Pigeon-Blood Rubies, in illuminating arenas for example; creamy,  white, pearly stones or golden, honey-blonde wood.

2. Other precious metals should not be forgotten just because you prefer a  titanium ring; it is the best medium to consider adding gold or silver to.  Economically, the price of gold increases almost daily and where better to  protect your investment other than embedded in the true strength of titanium.  Gold and silver act as the ultimate highlight, enhancing your creation by  radiating light within faceted stones and generating dimensions in wood and  mineral. Another forgotten fact is that gold comes in four colors; yellow,  white, rose, and green, multiplying your style options.

3. The month you were born in no longer confines you to one stone choice. For  instance, ruby is the birthstone for the sign of Cancer and the month of July;  but as a Leo born in July, Peridot comes into astrological play. Power stones  offer another level of empowering inlay options, targeting weaknesses, ailments,  and impending challenges. Choosing stones and minerals according to one’s  personal dilemmas is becoming a popular remedy and some believe it to be a  powerful healing source.

As someone who has taken numerous ring orders, my experience has taught me  that buying a ring is a meaningful purchase to many, and the customer service is  an important component, especially when creating a custom order. A ring is  bought with purpose, as a symbol to represent a paramount event or special  memory. Earrings and necklaces are replaced and substituted frequently according  to the circumstances, unlike a ring that is rarely removed once placed on the  home finger. Test out your ring designer’s customer service department to  evaluate their bed side manner. Only good energy should go into your handmade  embedded titanium ring.

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Freestyle- Design Opportunity has Exploded

Men and women straying from the usual gold bands, now have new exciting  engagement ring and wedding band options with the innovation of embedded  titanium rings. For men especially, the titanium ring market has exploded with a  new world of masculine options. Traditionally, the “Big Day” caters to the  bride, from the proposal to the honeymoon; most of the choices are made without  the future husband. Now, when the ceremony gets to the words, “With this ring, I  thee wed”, men finally have the opportunity to be a little more involved in the  excitement instead of just being marked with a band.

Whether you fall into the category of “Opposites Attract” or “Two Peas in a  Pod”, you can now keep your own identity or share each others with a huge inlay  and design selection. Styles ranging from multiple bands of wood, to stone  windows framed in gold are becoming the new wedding ring. Titanium rings with  inlaid diamond stars in tropical scenes are replacing the usual diamond set in  four prongs. Couples are choosing matching ring sets made from the same cut of  wood and stone elements to create a symbol of connection. Busy professionals and  networking enthusiasts joining in holy matrimony are requesting custom  engravings with their initials and logos. Artists, musicians, and people  embracing culture and spirituality are exchanging rings embellished with tribal  patterns and symbols of their passions. The list goes on and on because the  canvas has endless possibilities; a welcomed evolution for the jewelry industry,  breaking demographic barriers by offering a design for everyone.

The diversity of inlaid titanium ring design has brought elegance and value  to “freestyle” by combining earth’s gifts with man’s perception. From the muddy  trails of the rainforest to the flashing lights of The Red Carpet; one ring can  be appropriate for every event in your life. Titanium embedded with wood, opals,  gems, and even Kevlar, has the comfort, durability, and striking beauty to  venture every climb no matter what shoe is required. You have the freedom to  empower your lifestyle and interpret your unique and impeccable taste without  having to speak a word. When choosing your custom creation, remember to showcase  your charm and you will be surprised what you will learn about the people who  notice. Embedded design has paved a new road for your imagination to travel, so  feel free to explore and discover the designer in you.

Hawaii Titanium Rings are experts in the field being of the first to  introduce embedded titanium rings to the jewelry market. Specializing in custom  titanium ring designs, we are a helpful source when customizing a titanium ring,  by providing personal customer service.

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Width This in Mind- Ring Width is Important When Sizing

Width This in Mind…

One of the decisions involved in your titanium ring selection eludes many in that, some people don’t consider it at all. In the past, we have been asked more than a few times what ring width a customer should order, and as a general rule we tell them that for a man, seven millimeters or wider is suggested, and for a woman, six millimeters or less. As fashion evolves, though, interests in different ring widths expand for both men and women. Men are now wearing engagement rings meaning they will need smaller ring widths to accommodate two bands. Many women are not wearing engagement rings making room for wider wedding bands.

The width of your ring can determine your comfort with every grip. Even for those who are easy on the hands, aesthetics is not the only concern as reaching out to do the simplest tasks can be a new painful experience if the width of your ring is too wide or too slim for your finger. People whose work requires a tight grip and hard delivery, such as a carpenter or lumberjack, sometimes prefer a skinnier width that won’t get in the way; this goes for drummers too. Other musicians, like guitarists who wield an axe with strings, especially those whose hands are photographed frequently, may want a wider ring for show and inspiration. Therefore considering the profession and activities of the wearer is a new factor in determining what ring width is best.

Also important in your width consideration is that each style requires a certain amount of space to include designs, so the minimum width choice will be wider when your ring includes a profile design. For example, a solid titanium band can, in most cases, be made as thin as two millimeters, whereas intricate designs must be wider, some with a minimum of eight millimeters so as not to jeopardize the integrity of your design. If you find a design that has to be made wider than you prefer, perhaps consider it for your forefinger or middle finger, as these fingers are complemented by a wider ring.

To find your comfort zone, it is suggested to visit your local department store’s jewelry counter and try a selection of rings with different widths to find what feels right. If you are at home and want to order a ring with the same width as one in your collection, we have discovered a household technique to measure an existing ring. The width can be determined by making a stack of pennies next to the existing ring until the heights are equal, and then measuring your change.

Buying a titanium ring ensures you strength and durability coupled with long lasting beauty that never tarnishes, but it will not last a day on your finger if it is uncomfortable. Width that said, being aware of your comfort ranges, as far as ring width is concerned, can insure you will have a ring that suits you perfectly.

Shana Stuart is a marketing representative at Hawaii Titanium Rings. Our company has been handcrafting custom embedded titanium rings for over fifteen years. Our customer service department is staffed with experts in custom titanium ring design.

Size Matters

Size Does Matter- What Ring Size Are You?

When choosing a titanium ring, especially for your engagement or wedding band, finding the correct size is the first step. Titanium, unlike most precious metals, cannot be bent or stretched to fit your finger; so getting a proper measurement is important. Your local jewelers can assist you with a complimentary sizing, but just popping in to the corner store for a quick fitting may not give you the most accurate result. One variable is that every jeweler has different sizing equipment and who is to say whose is the most precise. The second consideration depends on the time and temperature, both causing your finger size to change. I have heard it suggested to go to the same jeweler three different times of the day and have them size you, but what if you get three different results, which do you choose? This technique can be embarrassing to you and frustrating for a jeweler not making a sale; not to mention, a wedding schedule rarely allows time to go anywhere once, let alone thrice.

Some websites come with a sizing graph which some people find a convenient at-home solution. Let me tell you from firsthand experience, this paper or string-around-the-finger measurement design is the most unreliable of all. It seems to be a logical, mathematically sound procedure, ensuring accuracy, but our company tried this with our first websites and 99% of our returns were sizing issues from people attempting to self-size. Although the operation sounds easy on paper it takes real hand-coordination to perform the maneuvers described, and it can be dangerous for people trying to cut the string while it is still on their finger. The bottom line is neither string nor paper are good materials to measure for metal. Sizing your finger with a plastic ring from a gumball machine would have better results.

Our suggestion, which has proven to have the best precision rate in 15+ years of making titanium rings for men, women, and children in sizes ranging from 2-20, is… send us a ring that fits you. There are just two small possible inconveniences with this approach; number one, you may have to part with your favorite ring for a short time. Number two; if you send in a gold or silver ring, chances are it is not perfectly round as it has probably conformed to the shape of your finger, so we will have to reshape it to get an accurate size. In other words, your ring may not fit the same when we return it, but will return to its former shape after reuniting with your finger.

Sizing up the situation, in case all ring sizing attempts fail, be aware of your titanium ring designer’s return/remake policy, especially if you live in a different country as shipping costs can add up. Always make sure ahead of time that the company you are doing business with provides excellent, personal customer service and has an attitude that reflects honor and respect toward your creation.

Hawaii Titanium Rings has been handcrafting embedded Titanium Rings for over 15 years with two locations on the Big Island of Hawaii. The original artist and owner is an expert machinist and was of the first to put inlaid titanium rings on the market. Titanium rings cannot be sized after completion; this article is meant to help men and women get an accurate size for their finger to insure a perfect fit.

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